Deepika Patel Podiatrist & Associates are part of multidisciplinary health and wellness centres located at Alphen House in Constantia and Integration House in Rondebosch.

Alphen House in Constantia offers the following services:

Podiatry: Chandani Gopal

Dietetics: Catherine Day

General Practitioner: Dr Petra Matsicas

Physiotherapy(including Aquatic Therapy and Pilates): Emma Johnston

Integration House in Rondebosch offers the following services:

Podiatry: Jameela Basha

Psychology: Dr Kailas Kassan

Registered Counsellor: Luzelle Fish

Physiotherapy: Jacqui Koep and Genevieve Oldfield

Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture: Dr Fatimah Barden

Occupational Therapy: Donne’ Nel