The foot is a complex and dynamic mechanism that needs to be understood in its healthy state before we can fully understand the complexity and impact of disease and malfunction on its ability to function normally.

Gait cycle: (Bio)

3 Phases of the Foot
Phase 1: the body accepts weight as the foot hits the ground

Phase 2: body weight is moved from behind the foot to in front of it

Phase 3: the foot prepares to leave the ground and propels the body forwards into the step of the adjacent foot.

For the majority of the gait cycle, two feet are on the ground.

When one foot is in Phase 1(just contacting the ground) the other is in Phase 3 (preparing to leave the ground); when one foot is in Phase 2, the other foot is off the ground.

The behavior of the joints and structures of the foot in these three phases can be complex and is highly variable between people. The foot performs an overall function in gait, but how its various structures behave to achieve the overall function is not always consistent between people. There are many trends with regard to biomechanics during gait, but not everyone demonstrates the same movement or loading patterns. Thus, every patient is individual in how their foot performs.

Our Podiatry practice offers biomechanical assessment and gait analysis.

Patients with musculoskeletal problems in their feet or lower limbs can be assessed and if appropriate, functional orthotics prescribed.

Biomechanical Gait Analysis is having how you walk (your gait) analysed by a Podiatrist to see if there are any problems or any room for improvement.