General Foot Care

General day-to-day foot care:

  • Apply moisturiser twice daily to your feet, once in the morning and before bed.
  • Air your feet out by wearing open toed shoes after a shower/ bath and after wearing closed shoes for a prolonged duration.
  • When cutting your nails, ensure a round shape. N.B if the corners of the nail is sharp – file it, DO NOT CUT INTO THE CORNER OF YOUR NAIL.
  • Between nail polish removal and re-application, allow for at least one week interval for nails to breath and recover.
  • Always wear socks with closed shoes i.e. pumps, court shoes, sneakers, takkies, formal shoes. Socks protect your feet in the prevention of blisters and aids in moisturising your feet.
  • Alternate between footwear daily.

Cracked Heels