Intoeing Gait / Pigeon Toed

An in-toeing gait is very common in children, and is a frequent complaint of many parents. In fact, an in-toeing gait (pigeon-toed) is the most common rotational deformity seen in paediatric orthopaedics. In the overwhelming majority of patients, the in-toeing will correct with growth over time.

What causes an in-toeing gait in children?

The three most common causes of in-toeing in children are femoral anteversion (twisting of the femur/thigh), internal/medial tibial torsion (twisted tibia/shin bone), and metatarsus adductus (curved foot). When the pediatric orthopaedic surgeon evaluates your child he/she will determine if the in-toeing is coming from the hips, legs, or feet.
Intoeing Gait