Shakila Hendrickse
July 25, 2017
Howard B Mostert
July 26, 2017

I think I was in my mid forties, when I realised that my feet were starting to change. There was a pinch on this toe and that toe, some unusual pressure on the heels and shoes in general became a bit of a burden. A person can take this to a certain degree but then that’s it. On my way back from gym I always passed this small building with a big sign reading “Podiatrist”. My feet were aching from the treadmill and something had to be done. It took the procrastinator in me about six months before I ventured out to give the Podiatrist a visit. This was when I met Miss Patel and I never looked back. Deepika is taking care about my feet for almost 10 years now. My bimonthly treatment is an absolute pleasure. Deepika made it possible that I can walk again without feeling pain in my feet. I think she is an exceptional expert in her field and I give her 6/6