Bernice Kimar

5 June 2019

I was at Deepika Patel & Associates early this year and it being my first visit I was slightly nervous, not knowing what to expect. I had the great fortune of being treated by Chandani Gopal who was an absolute professional.  My visit was relaxed, informative and between the conversation and treatment, I left there extremely pleased with the wonderful service I received and even more so with the condition of my feet.   Thank you Chandani, your kindness and professionalism is much appreciated.

Gadija Hendrickse

8 December 2017

Jameela Basha had a very pleasant and friendly attitude throughout the treatment. Her approach was professional and helpful as she explained the condition of my feet and the various treatment procedures involved. I felt completely relaxed and comfortable while she treating me. I loved every minute of it and I'm looking forward to my follow up treatments with her. I will gladly recommend her to my friends and family for podiatry therapy.


17 November 2017

Hi there, I wanted to send through a big thank you to you guys. I experienced some intense pain in my foot and had no idea what to do. It was a really busy time at work and I had an unexpected death in the  family - needless to say it was chaos. It was SUCH a pleasure to be able to make contact with you guys and get an appointment very quickly. Chandani was patient, professional and extremely helpful. You guys helped me get through a rough week and I am very appreciative.

S. Dass

15 November 2017

I recently received treatment form Jameela Basha and it gives me pleasure to provide this testimonial. Jameela is knowledgeable and executed her treatment with the highest levels of professionalism.  I was very satisfied with the results and appreciated the manner in which Jameela approached the session.  She was friendly, pleasant and displayed a high degree of integrity. I will certainly recommend Jameela and thank her for her services. Yours truly S. Dass  

Howard B Mostert

26 July 2017

MADAM   Please note that I would like to place on record that at the end of JUNE 2017, I had an unexpected surprise. I had virtually painless minor surgery at your rooms with the very friendly and pleasant, extremely capable Chandani. Without any hesitation, I will recommend her practice to anyone needing any attention to problematic feet.   A very happy Howard B Mostert

Thomas Rebok

6 March 2013

I think I was in my mid forties, when I realised that my feet were starting to change. There was a pinch on this toe and that toe, some unusual pressure on the heels and shoes in general became a bit of a burden. A person can take this to a certain degree but then that’s it. On my way back from gym I always passed this small building with a big sign reading “Podiatrist”. My feet were aching from the treadmill and something had to be done. It took the procrastinator in me about six months before I ventured out to give the Podiatrist a visit. This was when I met Miss Patel and I never looked back. Deepika is taking care about my feet for almost 10 years now. My bimonthly treatment is an absolute pleasure. Deepika made it possible that I can walk again without feeling pain in my feet. I think she is an exceptional expert in her field and I give her 6/6

Shakila Hendrickse

17 February 2013

My treatments with Deepika have been excellent! She is an experienced and friendly Podiatrist, whom I will continue to see and recommend. She offers sound advice and professionalism in her calming and holistic environment.

Rosie Winterbottom

17 February 2013

I have been a patient of Deepika’s for the past 10 years, and have followed her to three different consulting rooms! She is an exceptional podiatrist, but just as important, a fabulous person, so every visit is a treat. I look forward to many many more years of excellent podiatry and wonderful friendship!